2016 Summer National Championships Recap














Ryder Y. (Most Outstanding Male Competitor Award)

Jeralyn M.
Joey K.
Meena P.
Govind O.

Jordan M.
Stanley W.
Shea H.

There was some impressive Judo at this event. The Hawaiians were just dynamite. And Ippon Judo from pacific northwest area was more than we could handle today. A few of our judokas held their own, but just fell short.

Again, we have some sharpening to do. But our players are right there in the mix! With a little more experience, we’ll be contenders for years to come!

Thanks to our SG Judokas for bravely representing us in the biggest Judo event in the country. It is scary entering this tournament. All of you were nervous, but you all demonstrated good Judo out there. All of the senseis are extremely proud of each of you.

Thanks to the SG parents! You guys make the best of every moment! The kids and senseis sure are lucky to be taken care of so well. Thank you.

Thanks to the Coaches…Mike Noriega, Alan Shimamoto, Ken Sakuda, Mako Yoshitake and Eileen McNair! The heat was on! & you guys supported the kids so well. Win or lose, we left everything on the mat!

Thank you to Ellen Shimamoto…for coming out on Friday as a volunteer helping out with Coach registration. That was way cool of you to represent us like that.

Thanks to the SG Referees…Tomo Matsuoka, who was the Tournament Referee Coordinator aka Nanka Referee Chairman, and Sensei Glenn Koyama. You guys did a great job out there, and we thank you for representing our dojo.

Overall, we have a lot of catching up to do, but together we can make the most of what Judo has to offer. I am so grateful!