2014 Junior Nationals Tournament

Congratulations to all our Judoka for a great showing

The San Gabriel Judo team members had an outstanding showing at the Junior Nationals in Hawaii this past weekend.  We are very proud of their individual accomplishments, team spirit and excellent sportsmanship throughout.

JERRI – recently placed 1st in the STATE tournament and this past weekend her efforts paid off with another 1st in the 8 year old division of the Jr. Nationals with wins by full point ippons.  She successfully defeated 2 tough competitors from Hawaii which amazed the opposing team’s coaches.

RYDER – had a large pool and lost his 1st match… however…he came back to fight 4 more matches, 2 of which he won by ippon.  For his 1st nationals competition, he performed extremely well and was on the offensive throughout. Ryder won a well deserved 3rd place.

JUSTIN – had 1 win and 2 losses in an extremely difficult pool.  He showed an impressive effort and we are expecting great things from him in the future.

ISABELLA – her 1st match was against a student of ‘Kevin Asano’ (1988 Olympic Silver medalist and Leeward Judo Head Instructor), who was ranked the best in her division.  At the beginning of the match, Isabella was almost thrown but.. she came back to throw her opponent with an ouch gari for ippon.  Isabella’s next 3 matches were against tough Hawaiian competitors but she was able to beat all 3 by ippon.  In her finals match, she was able to impressively beat a girl whom she routinely lost to over the past 1 1/2 years.  Isabella’s pool had an overwhelming 18 competitors and she fought hard to place 1st overall.

LIAM – had one of the most impressive tournament performances with his extreme effort and undying spirit.  He lost his 1st match but went on to win his next 4.  He unfortunately lost his last match which would have put him in the medal round, but nevertheless, San Gabriel Judo was extremely proud of his efforts. He is also recognized for being instrumental in helping the other team members warm up and encouraging the younger members prior to their matches.

EILEEN – was fully engaged and winning all of her matches until she lost by decision.  Her one win was an impressive one beating a girl from Tahiti.  She threw the girl twice for ippon.  Eileen was our team captain and displayed solid leadership throughout.

DARREN – competed in his 1st nationals and in his division faced some tough competition.  He saw the level of skill required to compete at this level and realized he will need to work hard to prepare for the future. With committment and dedication he will be able to look forward to next year’s competition.

FERRIS – initially dominating his 1st match against a tough Hawaiian competitor, Ferris unfortunately injured his arm and was unable to end with a win.  His 2nd match was against a member of the Japanese team.  Despite his injury, Ferris almost threw his opponent 3 times before losing the match.  Regardless of the outcome, Ferris’ effort and determination was both impressive and inspiring.